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John Williamson


Owner / Sales Agent



Tel: 317.694.4006 

Accepts Text Messages

John Williamson

About me:

While my calling and passion is not for profit work as the founder and executive director of Food Rescue,

not for profit work sometimes lacks insurance, retirement, or any opportunity to aid in college savings for children.  I have been blessed to work in real estate industry for 23 years, and it allows me the freedom to work in the not for profit space and make an impact on the world, while at the same time providing typical benefits for my family often afforded by jobs in the for profit sector.  


Why join Advocate Realty:

Advocate Realty Seller's Advantage program allows their sellers to retain 3% more equity, and have the ability to take some of that blessing and donate it to whatever not for profit business they might choose.  Seller's are under no obligation to donate any portion of their savings to any charity, but that's the heart of a social enterprise, to use business as a platform to solve social problems.  Buyer's with no houses to sell that Advocate Realty represents also participate in giving back. Advocate Realty will donate 5% of all commissions to the charity of the buyer's choosing, so they too can join in the heart of the  social enterprise piece of our business model.

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